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3 Month Supply- TruGlow Nutrition New Growth Vita-Gummies

(3) 30 Day Supply Bottles

Our Vita-Gummies are truly one of a kind made with organic sunflower oil designed for kinky curly hair types. 2 Gummys a day give you everything you need for glowing skin and healthy natural hair. Replenishing your roots & promoting new growth.

  • 13+ essential daily vitamins
  • 100% Organic, All Natural, Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Allergen Free
  • No gelatin (a.k.a pig fat) Animal cruelty-FREE made with, natural fruit fibers
  • Vitamin-packed improving overall health
  • Helps promote edges/baby hair growth
  • Growing longer and stronger hair, nourishing hair from within.
  • Combats hair loss due to poor diet.
  • Stops hair breakage.
  • Helps fight deficiency in weak nails.
  • Helps protect the pigmentation of hair follicles and also keeps the skin looking tighter and healthy looking for longer.

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